Saturday, 12 May 2012

bad girl

heyy !

        hey u ! hye . jyeahh\m/ I there is a humble girl. I was not eligible to be friends with you. I'm who is very stupid and not fit to carry friends with you. I'm only friends who like to backstab my friend . i know who i am but please , do not talk bad of me if you don't know me better . yeahh , i know . i'm not fit to be a friend like you . i'm not beautiful like you . i'm just only me . haha , i'm so bad girl . so , why you want to be a friend with me anymore ? haah ? i'm not good for you . i'm just like a shit bitch on roundaboard . HAHA ! \m/
         myself is suck know ! i'm selfish , i'm backstab , i'm hell . don't be my friend , if not u just only have chaeter from me . cuz i'm a cheater , a liar and a killer . haha . jyeahh-.- (y) please , leave me for a while . don't comment-II me anymore . just for a while . i need my freedom today ! please ! i need my drink know . hey you !! where is it my drink ? have you finish it ? how dare you . ohmaigodd ! i'm so dispirited when you said on me like that . haha , no problem . it's up to you . it's your body . not mine . wewww ! my baba switch on the light . hey ! why you switch it on ? i want it switch off ! i want i'm know like in cave . haha . if not just only like in grave . can i ? haha , hey drink . why you make me so dizzy huh ? hey mister ! what did u have done within my asshole drink ?
        don't bother my drink mister ! aishh , if not , i'll kick your ass . haha . silly me . sry mister . your drink is soooo good . make lickin finger . just like KFC . and make me happy . like macdonald . (happy mile) haha . silly me . okeyhh , i wana out know . so sorry if i have wrong within my words . so sorry .i'm no intention to make joke with my stupid words . so sryy keyhh . jyeahh\m/ don't be my friend because i'm just can make you like in the hell . if you choose someone to be your friend , i'll promise u . u such a like live in the heaven . with the beautiful nature . haha . i'm dizzy now . i want throw up . okeyhh daaa~


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