Thursday, 31 May 2012

we are friendship

How different is friendship from love really? Sometimes when I look at the friendships I have, I feel like they are as close as love is. Certainly I feel like this with my super duper beties. It's a different kind of love, with only very little sexual attraction, if any at all, some would term it platonic, but I'm not sure that word holds all the meaning that friendships have.

It hurts when a friendship ends, not unlike the hurt of heartache. Some of you will think what I'm saying is bullshit, but if that's the case then you don't truly have a best friend. It's like if you find someone you click with, you form an attachment whether you want to or not, you can't help it. If it ends unexpectedly it's going to hurt. If it fades away, well not so much.

When you were younger I'm sure there was a friend who moved away, and you saw them maybe twice afterwards, and then you stopped, and the friendship ended. And then there were those friends who tossed you aside, and that hurt more, because you didn't even get the chance to try.

Forgiveness is a key part to friendships too, the meaningful ones that is, because everyone screws up once in a while. Hell! I know I have! I know they have! But we're still best friends. Actually she means more to me than that, she's more like a sister than anything else, but she's closer to me than any of my siblings.

This is what friendship should be. It's a type of love, whether you agree with me or not, friendship is something that endures. If it ends, maybe it never was a friendship in the first place.

p/s : imissmybetieseverafter:) untill the end! 
i'mfuckin'lovethem :
-asymhyqhyfhybhynhy:') really'2 miss them alls . they always rock my body! (cry)

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