Thursday, 27 December 2012

Quick Segment: Why We Love Blogging

HYE ! kali nii shaz dtg dgn segmen lagii ;) hewhew . nak join ? click banner ya sygsss :*

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    • Create a post with the title "Quick Segment: Why We Love Blogging? By Najihah Najmy"
    • Stick the banner above in your post and link it to this entry.
    • Tell me reasons why you love blogging in any form. Ex. essay, summary, points etc.
    • You can right it in BM or BI *I don't mind*
    • Please printscreen as proof you've followed this blog :)
    • Tag 2 or more blogger friends. Make sure they know!
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     Ps: Contest ends 29/12/2012 but if more than 30 bloggers join the date will maybe change.

    Le'superb unswer :  

    • I love to blogging because i like reading . some blogger they have AWESOME post .  DOUBLE WOW ! you know . hoho , actually , i really donno why i love to blogging :/ weird man ! hmmph :3 fyi the most i like is join the segment like this . don't care how many segment they tagged , i will come and join with happily . HAHA !! furthermore , we also can have many friends to be our friend . rite ? just on with follow the owner's blog . am i right ? hehe . and the most important is we also can get many viewers and have energy to blogging as much as we like . plus , i like to edit blog . although my blog is still ZERO and NOTHING just like , hmm nvm :p hffft ! itsokeyy . finally , i like blogging because i like to blogwalking . don't mind whose and whom i'll come also . haha , silly me -.- *weird*
    # kalau baca jawapan saya mencarut , ignored saja xD 

    tag : polo | lissa


    Anonymous said...

    thanks for tag~!
    InshaAllah sy join., ^^

    SHazH0NIee said...

    @melissa lissalalissa auchess ! most wc ;)

    Najihah Najmy said...

    Assalam, thanks for joining! Nice post. Jom berblogwalking dgn peserta2 lain :D