Tuesday, 29 January 2013

the feeling

hello there ! shaz is coming :'D 

 today i'm sooooo SAD </333 i don't know why but that was i feel now . my little heart was crush by someone who i love . hmmp , yes i know who i am . i'm just an ordinary girl . i'm weird not weirdo just like another girls out there . and now , i feel like i'm so so so stupid and stupido . what should i do for now ? no one can make me happy as usual . i'm soo BROKEN </333333 arghhhhhh !! and now i'm looking for something dumb to do :/ BUT WHAT CAN I DO ?! *headache* :'(

# tetiba pulak shaz speaking london gituuu xD lol k lol . broken english ? do i look like i care ?

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